maandag, februari 27

the school has fine views
over the city
pleasant gardens
playing fields
in soft surfaces
for the safety of children
the main building
on a tree-lined road
poor behaviour is not acceptable
disciplinary issues
are discussed

dinsdag, februari 14

donderdag, februari 9

spectacularly beautiful
and dramatically diverse
the coast is indented
with sheltered harbours
there are long sweeping
expanses of almost vertical cliffs
only by some of the finest beaches
away from the coast
the landscape is serene
empty and hazy with warmth
villages are ancient
sometimes perched above gorges
or gaze across limestone plateaux
which for all the world seem
to reach to infinity

maandag, februari 6

zaterdag, februari 4

woensdag, februari 1

an attractive stimulating environment with open spaces and good facilities the main building is on a tree-lined road the garden is covered in a soft surface
for the safety
of children most pupils are involved in music and drama poor behavior is not acceptable all disciplinary issues are discussed with parents pupils are well prepared to make as untroubled as possible an entry into adult