maandag, juni 27

there is something in the wind Posted by Hello

zaterdag, juni 25

la presion Posted by Hello

maandag, juni 20

donderdag, juni 16

what if everything never happened Posted by Hello

dinsdag, juni 14

maandag, juni 13

the deadly space between Posted by Hello

zondag, juni 12

inside while retaining
as much as possible
of the traditional charm
no pains have been spared to create
a most comfortable and elegant home

zaterdag, juni 11

magnificent views are to be experienced
at almost every turn in the road
during the heat of the day

one can repose
in small squares
shaded by plane trees

vrijdag, juni 10

donderdag, juni 9

woensdag, juni 8

I never get used
never feel at home
no stories
start talking and break all
carry your friend
he shows you the way
very particular
the goal
make a hole
open the door
an event a meeting
the water
she will take everything
a criminal returns to his mother

dinsdag, juni 7

maandag, juni 6

thoughtful Posted by Hello

there is no place like home Posted by Hello

burnt outside Posted by Hello

vrijdag, juni 3

strengthen fear
destroying form
revealing secrets
unbalanced driven by vague feelings
near to madness
being untouchable
a situation
changing fickle form
I give back
in extreme sentence
fight to survive
the most earthly
more as doing
the form that people recognize
takes space
I don´t want to be recognized

woensdag, juni 1

I take care of my impressions
let them go
to break
destroying habits
till the end
my life
hard without hate
no grins
perhaps I shall be eliminated
place for depth
the strength of the meeting