zaterdag, april 30

vrijdag, april 29

nature has been hostile
to the house
with rain and creeping vegetation
penetrating the walls and the foundation
the roof leaks
the walls are turning green with mold
the floors are buckling
termites are devouring the wooden frame

I have cared for this house
with great affection
I will keep doing all that I can
but I cannot deny that I need help
time is of the essence
to save this house

dinsdag, april 26

zondag, april 24

vrijdag, april 22

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human study
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woensdag, april 20

open spaces
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imagine coming home every night
a place where you could retreat
from the hectic world
this house could be described
as timeless
well of the beaten track

dinsdag, april 19

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here life revolves around
the land today as in the secret past
slow and sure
with the rythm of seasons
bringing nature's reassurance
here you will be brought
back to simplicity
this house has been
completely and tastefully renovated

maandag, april 18

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hermetic look
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zondag, april 17

hermetic move inside
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zaterdag, april 16

vrijdag, april 15

rooms inside
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it's such a strong flavour this house
that I think it's probably quite a hard
house to live in

hermetic sight
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inside moving
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donderdag, april 14

dinsdag, april 12

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maandag, april 11

woensdag, april 6

dinsdag, april 5

zondag, april 3

vrijdag, april 1